About Portrait and Wedding Photographer Libby Neder


I'm Libby. I despise cliches. I love shooting in new locations with new people. The greatest happiness I can have is to create great art. Challenges are a rush. If you're looking for a photographer who wants to take the best photo of you that has ever existed, then let's talk. I don't stop until I'm finished and I'm not interested in mediocrity. Portraits are my passion because I believe that very few people have ever really seen their best side. I want to find it and show it to you. In my fine art I want to show you the best way to look at a cup of coffee on a table, or the light at a certain time of day, or an inspiring place you've never been. I don't believe that my subject matter has to start out perfect or beautiful for me to create a beautiful photo. 

I've been in the arts for what seems like forever. I started ballet when I was five, music when I was seven, acting when I was ten. I directed my first short film when I was twelve. I studied Jazz Piano in college. The arts have been in my soul forever, but now I have found my favorite: Still Photography. I believe there is no better way to capture and convey the emotions of a brief moment in time that we will never experience again.

I got into photography several years ago at the suggestion of my husband, who had been to photography school in LA before we met. He would shoot occasionally (and he's quite good, I should mention) but he wasn't interested in pursuing photography as a career. He showed me a few things when he was getting ready to shoot his sister's wedding as a favor, and I immediately bought my own camera and shot the whole thing with him. Most of my photos turned out decent, with a couple of fantastic ones. This was the fuel I needed. I spent almost every day practicing my shooting for several months. The learning curve was pretty steep, but I read every textbook I could get my hands on about photography and lighting technique, photojournalism, and editing. A few months later I landed a job as an assistant and photographer at an established studio in Pagosa Springs, CO (Where we lived at the time). I learned all I could from the studio's owner about how to run a professional photography business. From lighting technique to backup strategies to always having more batteries and memory cards on hand than you would ever think you'd need. Within six months I'd shot my first solo wedding, followed by seven more that first year, and before long I had quite a respectable portfolio. I worked at the studio and also took independent assignments until I moved, with my family, to Denver in the Fall of 2010. 

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Since arriving in Denver, I have been shooting exclusively for my own company, Libby Neder Photography. I have completed assignments for Martha Stewart Whole Living Magazine, and my work was featured on the cover of Homes & Land Magazine. I have shot weddings and portrait assignments all over Colorado, including Denver, Pagosa Springs, Breckenridge, Telluride, Durango, Copper Mountain and Estes Park, as well as in California, Maine, Florida, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas. I would love to eventually shoot a wedding in all 50 states, and I'm also looking forward to traveling internationally for photography. 

I would encourage you, whether you're looking for beautiful wedding or event coverage, a killer photo for your social media profiles, photos to use in print or advertising, or a classic family portrait, to drop me a line. I'm happy to meet for coffee or talk on the phone about how I can approach your specific project before you ever have to make a commitment. I'm deeply interested in creating images that are not just technically sound and aesthetically beautiful, but that also fit your vision. 

You can read more on my qualifications including insurance, equipment, etc here.

I have two websites, LibbyNeder.com (where you are now) and LibbyNederWeddings.com, which is specifically for my wedding and engagement photography. I also frequently post work and ideas on my facebook page: facebook.com/libbynederphotography and on twitter @libbyneder

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