The many faces of Alessi C. Neder

I hate cheeseball kid portraits. low budget props and faux-painted canvas backdrops always just look like the sad, cliched, Portrait-studio-at-Target garbage that they are. A lot of the good photographers these days are shooting really great kid photos. You know what I'm talking about, those "Omigod her eyes are SO BLUE" photos of a kid surrounded by tall, yellowing grass with a perfect sunset, a little lens flare, and, for bonus points, a vintage sofa. I'm certainly not opposed to such shots, but for my kid, I wanted to do something a little different. 

My daughter, you see, is a grownup in a tiny body. She says things like "Mother, wouldn't you say these waffles are magnificent?" and "Why do you tell me we're going on an adventure when I know it's just errands?" She's six. She's very high-energy, and she makes these outrageous faces. My friend who she's named after (The C stands for Christine) would tell you that my husband, Will, and I both make these incredible, unique "faces" in the course of conversation. Alessi seems to have picked up all of them from both of us and then some. This is my tribute to her and her faces. 

I have to give a nod to celebrity photographer Yu Tsai who I blatantly stole this great idea from, although to my knowledge he has never made this kind of photo montage of a child. Check out his "Celebrity Photo Booth" here: