Melanie & Sophie | Boulder Sunset Engagement Shoot

Things I loved about this shoot:

1) Melanie and Sophie have great taste. Melanie is an artist who does incredible things with cut paper and graphics, and has an incredibly creative vison. Sophie had to have just the right field full of beautiful yellow she found this out-of-the-way spot near Boulder. 

2) Nothing beats golden hour* light. *The Golden Hour is a photographer's term for the two hours immediately after sunrise or before sunset. It's called this because of the greater distance that sunlight has to travel through the atmosphere. The sun is shining through a lot more dust particles than when it's overhead, so it takes on a golden color. 

3) When you're photographing two women, they can check eachother's lipstick, fix eachother's flyaways, and one can help the other arrange her skirt just so. It's kind of a same-sex super power. 

Things I don't love: 

1) I lost a lenscap in the field below (It's okay, i have a replacement already...but there was no way I was going to find it with the ground we covered)

2) Melanie and Sophie have to drive to New Mexico in order to get a marriage license. With as progressive and smart as the people of Colorado are on so many issues, it's really a shame that we don't yet have full civil equality. Let's get it together and vote!

Thanks you two, I'm looking forward to photographing your wedding celebration in May!