Why Portrait Photography Matters

I am convinced that most people have never really seen themselves. I'll never forget the experience, after years of nothing but terrible yearbook photos and awkward snapshots, finally seeing an incredible photo of myself. It was taken by my boyfriend at the time (now husband) who had studied portrait photography, and was able to show me what everyone else was seeing. It was like being transported into another universe. One where I was pretty and confident and more-or-less well liked. A universe where I still live. A universe where millions of people aren't yet, but certainly deserve to be.

This amazing video that Dove just put out shows the difference between what so many of us see in the mirror and what other people see. They hired a forensic artist to blindly draw two images of the same woman. First from a description by the woman herself, and then by a description from a stranger. The difference between the two is incredible. I believe everyone deserves to have a (recent) photo of themselves that they absolutely love. Maybe great portrait photography can help bridge this gap between how we view ourselves and the amazing people we really are.