I have my digital images, now what?

There are many ways to print and share your beautiful images, here's what I recommend:


Go to: http://libbyneder.smugmug.com/Client-Proofs Where your images are all uploaded at full resolution. Find your gallery, enter your password (if you've forgotten, check the "Hint" button) and choose from hundreds of print sizes and products.

Ideal to share with guests and family members!


Your images are yours to print and share however you like. If you're looking for a great independent printing company, I recommend:

Online: MPIX http://www.mpix.com/ 6 color processes and professional inks display your photos as beautifully as intended. 

Denver area: Mike's Camera http://mikescamera.com/printing.html Upload and pick up, or print from your USB stick in store.  Professional quality prints. 


Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Snapfish, Shutterfly. Those in-store kodak machines and many online discount services use an inferior printing process that can skew colors so they look slightly "off," over-saturated, or not contrasty. If you do choose to print your photos at a discount or low-quality printer, the results will not reflect professional quality photos. 

If your package included an album:

You'll start by choosing 30-40 favorite images. Libby will then custom design an album based on your preferences, which you'll have a chance to approve before it goes to print. Design process (after images are chosen) takes about 1 week. Printing (after approval) takes about 10 days. 

If your package did not include an album and you'd like to purchase one now, please Contact Libby to get the process started.