Love your profile picture

Our profile photos say so much about us. Many people experience us online more than in person. Every online interaction is framed by that one photo we've chosen to represent us. The wrong photo makes us seem un-trustworthy, immature, unattractive, or even silly. The right photo is recent, attractive, and honest, without looking cheesy or overly posed.

A profile photo session with Libby Neder Photography lasts about 30 minutes and has only one goal: a new photo of yourself that you love for your social media profiles. The photoshoot can be anywhere that fits your personality: Your home, your business, Downtown Denver, a park, or a cool looking alley somewhere. You will receive about 20 fully edited images on a disc to use online as you wish.              $200
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This isn't high fashion. This isn't a suit-and-tie portrait for a business card. This is an easygoing photoshoot meant to create your new favorite photo of yourself.